Carbon Fiber Canopy Guard

Get CFCanopy Guard TM for your heli Now!

The mCPX CFCanopy Guard TM kit protects your heli during those hard crashes. It installs in minutes with the self-adhesive backing. The 3M high-end vinyl film is not just a printed carbon fiber pattern. In fact it has a three-dimensional texture that looks and feels great.

Great protection with the look you like...

Great Looks! Great Protection!

It’s about protection AND looks! Apply CFCanopy Guard TM inside or out. Either way you won’t be replacing your canopy every few months.


Protect your heli from crashes in just a few minutes!

(1) Remove Mounting Gromments (2) Peel CFCanopy Guard
(3) Clear Mounting Hole Plugs (4) Align and Press Into Place
(5) Replace Mounting Grommets (6) You're Ready To FLY!

You can see the mCPX CFCanopy Guard TM kit is fast and easy to install. And the great thing is that if you don’t get the alignment just right the first time just remove and re-apply. It’s that durable!