Carbon Fiber Canopy Guard

Protect your heli canopy from those hard crashes!

The CFCanopy Guard TM is made from 3M Carbon Fiber vinyl film. This carbon fiber texture not only adds a sporty look to your mCPX but also helps prevent canopy cracking.

Could they make these canopy’s any flimsier? We all have to replace our canopy from time to time because the mounting holes have worn out or the sides have cracked beyond repair.

Keep the weight off! CFCanopy Guard is the perfect combination of style and strength without carrying the extra weight of thicker canopies.

Here is why you need CFCanopy Guard TM

You may have seen in my fix-it videos how I repaired and strengthened my canopy. Using JB Weld I was able to fix cracks caused by crashing. It works but the constant application built into a heavy mass and eventually it was just smarter to buy a new canopy.

I needed a lightweight alternative! I eventually came upon the idea of the 3M Carbon Fiber vinyl as the solution. I built a prototype and have used it for months without a single crack!

It worked so well I connected with a manufacturer to make CFCanopy Guard available to you. This is really a simple lightweight solution to mCPX canopy cracking.

Don't like the Carbon Fiber look? Well most think it looks great but if you don’t like the look but want the crack prevention then just apply the guards on the inside of the canopy!